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2016 Year-End Fundraiser Campaign

On the occasion of Agami’s year-end fundraiser campaign, the chapter created a beautiful video and shared with all patrons. You can watch it here:

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Agami Southeast Chapter
First Annual Fundraiser

June 14th, 2015 @ 5PM
Holiday Inn Express
6401 Brandon Ave, Springfield, VA 22150

Special Guests: 
Rezwana Choudhury Bannya and Anila Chowdhury. 

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For more information contact:
Farzana Sultana Clara (408) 396-7238
Elma Kaiser (571) 501-5314
Mustafijur Rahman Parvez (646) 934-6019
Sajjad Husain Udoy (704) 451-8369  

About Agami Southeast Chapter

Bio of members of ASEC Committee:

Chapter President: Farzana Sultana Clara 408-396-7238

Director of Operations: Mustafijur Rahman Parvez 646-934-6019

Director of Outreach: Sajjad Husain Udoy 704-451-8369

Director of Marketing: Shariful Islam Romel  347-825-7054

Director of Finance: Mustafizul Shakir 571-201-2401

Director of Fundraising: Farhana Zaman 470-424-9792

Director of Technology: Tanvir Ahmed 703-608-5589

Director of Program:  Md Ashraf Uz Zaman 646-726-3152

Project Coordinator: Elma Kaiser 571-501-5314

Asst. Dir of Outreach: Sadat Khan 703-981-6329

Asst. Dir of Operations: Md Shahinoor Rahman 571-992-2397

Asst. Dir of Marketing: Afsan Khan 571-364-4730


Farzana Sultana Clara (Chapter President)

Farzana has been involved with Agami Central in California since 2006 as a volunteer for nearly 9 years. In 2007 she took over the position as the Director of Fundraising and simultaneously got selected to be a member of the Board. Professionally she belongs to the Financial Services industry, working as a financial advisor with Ameriprise, as she built her career with Citigroup for 7 years prior to joining Ameriprise in 2010. She is an advocate for women’s rights, gender equality, animal rights and compulsory education for children irrespective of race, color, gender, or religious affiliation, Farzana considers herself as an activist in these matters. While her personal and professional life rarely give her the satisfaction of making a difference for a destitute soul, her charity work certainly gives her the motivation to keep on going and helping others in need. So after relocating to Virginia a few years ago and working remotely for Agami Central for several years, she decided to work with a few enthusiastic new faces in the locality and build her team for Agami Southeast Chapter (ASEC).


Mustafijur Rahman Parvez (Director of Operations)

Mustafijur Rahman Parvez is currently serving as the Director of Operations Agami Southeast Chapter. He has previously served as Project Coordinator of solar lantern project for Agami Central from 2011 to 2013 in the state of California. Professionally, he is working as a Sr. Software Engineer in Test in Maryland, USA. He has an extensive background of working in journalism and especially with Bengali News Papers "Bangla Patrika" in New York and DREAM Project under School of Medicine, NYC.  He published the commencement of Agami Southeast Chapter announcement in various news mediums.



Sajjad Husain Udoy (Director of Outreach)

Sajjad Husain is a native of Dhaka and has lived in Charlotte, North Carolina since 1996. Since 1997, Sajjad has been in the financial industry and currently working for a leading retirement fund management company TIAA-CREF as a relationship manager. His bi-cultural background and focus on community collaboration has led him to a number of volunteer opportunities and community leadership roles. His passion to help others began at an early age. Some of the institution he volunteered for is united way, Salvation Army, Agami and Shaestabad education development trust.  


Elma Kaiser (Project Coordinator)

Elma Kaiser is an academician and researcher and has earned her doctorate degree in Social Work. She has conducted numerous research studies with both children and adults particularly with the disadvantaged in the society. She has lived and worked in different countries among diverse populations and which added a rich perspective to her learning and practice of research. Elma is interested in disadvantaged and displaced population, gender based violence, mental health of women and adolescent. She is also interested in child protection and social development issues. She has been involved in several studies on child labor, adolescent health and blind population in Bangladesh. She has also been involved in other social work studies in Australia and USA. Elma is passionate about making a difference in the lives of destitute children. Therefore, she feels highly encouraged to work for the mission of Agami, creating a better future through education.


Mustafizul Shakir (Director of Finance)

Mustafizul H Shakir has a background in international development. He has worked in the area of trade, private sector development, capacity building, and investment policy for the World Bank Group for several years. He has worked in Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and Afghanistan. Before joining the Bank he worked in public health sector and also as a lecturer in a university in Bangladesh. He has masters from Melbourne University and Dhaka University. He is currently the Director of Finance at Agami South East Chapter but will be taking over the Grant Writing position due to relocating outside of State.


Shariful Islam Romel (Director of Marketing)

Shariful Islam (Romel) professionally is working as a Sr. Software Test Engineer in Maryland. He relocated from CA and became aware of Agami through an old friend Parvez. He simultaneously got involved in the launching of the Agami Southeast Chapter with three other recently relocated friends. Being an immigrant in the United States, and leaving his beloved country that gave him the education he needed to be where he is today, Romel strongly believes in giving back to the country he is so indebted, by providing education to the children in need. Farhana Sadek (Director of Finance) After working in Corporate Accounting in US for over 10 years, Farhana Sadek started her own company last year, to be able to spend more quality time with her family. Farhana is a firm believer that education is the key to changing future and is excited to be part of Agami's vision. She has extensive experience in preparing financial statements, reconciliations and cash management. Farhana holds an MBA from Keller school of Management and she completed her BBA from North South University. 



Farhana Zaman (Director of Fundraising)

Farhana Zaman has joined Agami as the Director of Fundraising for the Southeast Chapter. She has relocated in 2015 from Dubai and has been actively involved in volunteering work since 2005. She was the co-founder of Amra Notun club in University of Wollongong Dubai which worked to raise cultural awareness in Bangladeshi students throughout the university establishments in Dubai. In 2010, she became the Sub-Editor for a non-profit magazine called Student Express to promote Bengali and its culture in UAE. Professionally, she is working in CSC as a Senior Accountant in External Reporting. In her leisure, she's enjoys photography and books. She's a huge advocate about education and development in girls and has written about it in Student Express until 2013. She believes Agami and her goal envisages one belief - 'Education can nourish a better generation and nurture better humans.'


Tanvir Ahmed (Director of Technology)

Tanvir Ahmed has over 15 years of professional experience in the information technology.  His career includes working for prestigious companies such as PwC and IBM. Besides being one of entrepreneurial mind, he is currently working on growing his own company Confluxio that provides services to public and private sector throughout United States of America. Tanvir served in the executive committee of Washington Cricket League, which is a non-profit organization, as the Match Secretary.  He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems from Stryaer University.


Muhammad Ashraf Uz Zaman (Director of Program)

CEO of Jawad International, Md. Ashraf Uz Zaman relocated in United States and recently launched the operation of JaMaxwell Global Solutions, LLC., with the help of his long time College friend Farzana Sultana. While he goes back and forth between US and Bangladesh, he will explore and visit existing projects and help Agami Southeast Chapter expand on new projects from within the community.


To find out more, contact and find out how you can get involved.