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Fifth Health Camp at PSD Pearabag School

As a new physician, 15th February, 2016 was a memorable day for me.  I had the chance to perform a noble work for the marginalized children as a part of the Health for Education pilot project of Agami. It was a regular health checkup at PSD (Program for Sustainable Development) Pearabag School.  The program schedule was at 10.00 AM and my target patients were the children of Classes IV and V.

Agami Annual Membership for 2017

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Fourth Monthly Health Camp at PSD Pearabag School in Dhaka

It was a nice sunny chilling morning on the 16th January, 2016. Agami with its Health for Education (HfE) pilot project, started health check-up screening at PSD (Program for Sustainable Development) Pearabag School. The tentative starting time was 10:00 AM for this monthly health screening. The newly entered class-I students were the population for the purpose.