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Year End Fundraiser Update

Agami's 2016 Year End Fundraiser "45 Days to 45k" is ongoing now. This is a critical annual activity to raise funds for the education of underprivileged children in Bangladesh. This year's Year End Fundraiser started mid-November and will continue for 45 days till the end of the year with a goal to raise $45,000. Thanks to our Agami friends and donors, we raised about $30,000 in the past 20 days. But we still have work left and we're asking everyone to contribute.

2016 Year-End Fundraiser

Today (November 12, 2016) marks the start of our annual year-end fundraiser. I want to start by introducing you to Hasnat, a fifth grader in Dhaka, who hopes to be a cricket player when he grows up. Hasnat came from the slums of Dhaka and joined the Agami-sponsored Alok school in 2012, and has been focused on his studies since. At home his favorite subject is mathematics and he can be often seen studying with his younger sister Rehana - motivating her to a future filled with education and hope. When you give to Agami today, you give to a child like Hasnat or Rehana the gift of education and make a better and fulfilling life for him, his community and ultimately for all of us.