The Agami Monitoring Team visited the Chatpara Ideal Academy in Chunarughat, Habigonj

A monitoring team went to visit Chatpara Ideal Academy. The team consist of Md. Monowar Hossain, Director of Field Operation (AEF), Md. Zafar Hossain, School Monitoring Manager (AEF) and Partho Sarothy Roy (Volunteer). It was on 27th September 2016. The school situated at Chatpara in Habigonj. It established in 2012. It is a non-government registered secondary high school. Agami started the project for the school in 2016, and the project is expected to continue for next few years. As the first pahse of the project enhancement of the teacher’s salary, student uniform and furniture is in progress.

Agami Introduces Evergreen Valley College to Alok School

In November 2015, Liz Tyrell, Director of International Program, and Nasreen Rahim, Faculty Coordinator, Distance Education, from Evergreen Valley College (EVC) in San Jose, California, met with Agami representatives Nafisa Khanam and Rasheda Nasrin in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The highlight of their short trip to Dhaka was visiting an inspirational school called Alok School. The visit was made possible by one of its founders, Rasheda Nasrin, whose dedication toward the success of the school and its students is highly commendable. It is amazing how the administrators and teachers are doing so much with this school with so little money.

Agami’s Healthcare for Education Pilot is to be Launched in October

I have been working with Agami in developing the Healthcare for Education pilot project for last 2 months. After my recent month-long Dhaka trip, the project is now expected to start in early October in an Agami-sponsored school in Dhaka city – PSD Pearabag School in Moghbazar. One of the main goals of this pilot is to see if there is a correlation between better student health and better performance in school. We have been working with doctors as a part of this exercise that has the potential to change how education is delivered to the underprivileged children. When the project begins the volunteer doctors will help to provide health examination to students of the school, write their observations in a health card, and prescribe necessary medicines and other healthcare needs.

Health Education lesson 2: ‘Seeing a Doctor’

On Wednesday, 24th August 2016, we (Chemists Without Borders Bangladesh team) visited Borhania BSRM School with the aim to deliver the knowledge about chapter on ‘seeing a doctor’ (that is one of the basic topic designed for the health education project). We reached to the school at 10 am.

A True Friend Always Shares Your Burden

Chatpara Ideal Academy in Chunarughat, Hobiganj is five years old now but it has seen fair share of disaster but not like the one on July 29th 2016 when an accidental fire burned down 60% of the current building along with all furniture.

We were running on low financial resources already. Has it not for Agami, our financials would already be in red ink. Now this disaster set up back even further, the total damage was over 4 lakh BDT. I remember the saying “things don’t kill you, make you stronger”. I wiped out the rare tears in my eyes, told myself, we will rebuild.

First Share Your Skills session on "Design Thinking"

The first session of “Share Your Skills”, a newly introduced skill development program for Agami’s Khan Academy Bangla (KAB) team, was held on September 7, 2016 at AEF office in Dhaka. The program is introduced to strengthen the team’s bonding and open a door for everyone to learn a new thing or develop one’s previous knowledge within the reach.

Khan Academy official certificates distributed in Dhaka

A Volunteer Appreciation and Internship Completion program was held on the 6th of September 2016 at Agami Education Foundation office, Dhaka. In this program, Khan Academy official “Certificate of Participation” and Agami Education Foundation “Internship Completion Letter” have been handed over to the volunteers and the interns in the presence of Agami’s Director of Khan Academy Program, Dilruba Chowdhury.

Agami’s Life is Fun (LiF) Phase II with new team members

As part of the ongoing progress, Life is Fun (LiF) Science Education Program has just launched into Phase II in July 2016. As we are moving forward to meet our goal from turning this project into a full-blown program in 2017, we have some new members on board to guide and implement Phase II objectives in additional Agami-sponsored schools with additional lesson plans for the primary school kids.  The interns and team coordinators are at the core of this program – a  team of young and future educators – whose enthusiasm and critical evaluation of the model and the methodology will push this project where we want it to be in the next few years.

ANEC's Successful Third Fundraiser Raising $8,675

ANEC's third Fundraising dinner was an all around success and the event itself raised around $8,675. The event was a heaping success due to its amazing organizer Shahid Ahmed (Director of Operations) and his beautiful wife Sweety Ahmed. The event was held in a church in Piscataway, New Jersey and had attracted a full room of people. We also had many high school/middle school/college kids who had volunteered to set up, perform, and decorate.