Agami Education Foundation Distributes Books At Sohag Swapnadhara Pathshala

A team from Agami went to Sohag Swapnadhara Pathshala on July 25, 2016 to distribute the No Barrier Foundation’s class level two books. The team consisted of Md. Zafar Hossain, School Monitoring Manager and Jannatul Mawa, volunteer. It is situated in a slum area of Dhaka. The students are coming from very poor familes. Most of the familys' money makers work as a day laborer or garment worker.

Agami Education Foundation Distributes Books At Pearabag PSD Primary School

On Tuesday, May 10, 2016 a sunny, lovely morning the Agami team reached the Pearabag PSD School on Greenway Road, Moghbazar, Dhaka. The Agami team reached the school at 11am comprised of Prof. Jalil Choudhury, Vice-President (AEF) and Md. Zafar Hossain, School Monitoring Manager. The team went to the school to distribute the books donated by the No Barriers Foundation in UK. Pearabag School is under privileged children’s school. It's run by an organization named “Program for Sustaiable Development".

Agami School Recieves a 10K Grant from Wells Fargo

An Agami volunteer, Amir Rahman has recently been nominated for the 2016 Volunteer Service Award and given a $10,000 grant by Wells Fargo which will help secure the success of schools in Bangladesh. With partial help from Agami, Amir has built a school in Bangladesh which still requires a lot of attention. His volunteer work in Education started by giving children in poverty money to go to school.

An internship experience with Khan Academy Bangla Initiative

My name is Partha Sarothy Roy and I am a master’s student of Institute of Education and Research (IER), University of Dhaka. I have just completed my internship with Khan Academy Bangla (KAB) initiative of Agami Education Foundation (AEF). Five of us joined as academic interns of KAB last year and had a chance to work intensively with the Agami team.

Agami Monitoring Team visited the Music For Development in Lalmatia, Dhaka

A monitoring team from Agami Education Foundation (AEF) visited the Shurer Dhara’s Music for Development (MfD) project on 23rd June 2016. The team consisted of Nafisa Khanam, Executive Director-AEF, Md. Zafar Hossain, School Monitoring Manager-AEF and Najiba Azad, volunteer. Shurer Dhara (SD) is a non-government registered organization. Recently SD has taken on a social project called Music for Development: Integration of deprived children into society. A group of children from economically and socially deprived families of the poorest part of Mohammadpur in the city of Dhaka were recruited to teach them music, art, languages, social awareness, computes and other subjects of a newly-designed curriculum, all in an environment of cognitive development. Rezwana Chowdhury Bannya is the Chairman and Principal of this institution. SD rented the space of Lalmatia Housing Society School & College building. The school operates a single shift. There are 4 irregular academic teachers are teaching in this school. All of them are university-students. Under the supervision of an Academic Coordinator, 3 music, 1 art, 1 dance and 1 recitation teacher are teaching the students. This year the school admitted 40 students in different classes. Two class rooms are allocated for all the students in the ground floor of the spacious multi-storied building. The school has a very big play ground and runs for three days in a week.

Introducing Agami Executive Committee 2016-2017

The Agami Central team is proud to announce its 2016-2017 Executive Committee. Please welcome them and coordinate with them as you feel necessary. We hope this team will help us achieve our goals and help many more people prosper in the future.

This team is a combination of veterans and fresh volunteers, with their specific role and responsibilities (R&Rs) as communicated individually as well as collectively.  

AEF’s Learn & Lunch Session on Ensuring Quality Education

“Ensuring Quality Education - Part 1 : School Based Assessment (SBA) or Continuous Assessment (CA)” was the topic of the 5th monthly Learn & Lunch session of Agami Education Foundation (AEF) held at AEF office, Dhaka. The day was 28th May 2016. The presenter of the topic was Nafisa Khanam Shikha, executive director of AEF. The presentation was made in presence of AEF EC members, Khan Academy Bangla team, and all AEF regular employees. Mr. Shawkat Hossain, a Dhaka-based entrepreneur, was present at the session as a guest. The session was aimed at streamlining the AEF Team members with Agami’s vision ‘Creating Better Future Through Education’ by connecting with the process of quality education established by the government of Bangladesh. It turned out to be a brain-storming session for knowledge diversification of AEF team towards quality education and involved processes.

Agami Carolinas’ Town Hall Meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina

A few volunteers of Agami Carolinas group organized a town hall meeting on May 22nd at a club house in Davidson, North Carolina for promoting Agami awareness among the local Bangladeshi community.  Among a small gathering, Agami volunteers took active role in presenting and discussing Agami projects, programs, potentials, and volunteering opportunities.  There were snacks served and couple of Agami posters displayed. 

Agami Central AGM 2016 - June 19, 2016 @2.30pm PST

Dear Friends of Agami,

It is our pleasure to invite you to attend Agami General Meeting (AGM) 2016. The meeting will be held on June 19 (Sunday) at 2.30pm in San Jose Public Library, Evergreen Branch Community Room, San Jose, California.

Please RSVP by June 15 @


Abu Hassan

For Agami Inc


AGM Agenda:

Date: June 19, 2.30 - 5.00pm Pacific Standard Time

Venue: San Jose Public Library

            Evergreen Branch Community Room

Agami at the Annual Boimela in New York City

It was Agami’s first participation at a community event in New York City. We had a booth in the annual International Book Fair (boimela) organized by Muktadhara Foundation last Saturday May 21. Between 2.30 to 8.30pm, more than 40 people visited our booth and enquired about Agami. This fair was all about Bangla books. Hundreds of avid book readers came to attend twenty or so bookstalls displaying their publications. So they were surprised to see a non-profit like us in the show. Some of them initially thought Agami was another book publisher. But as we talked, they expressed their surprise and soon got very enthusiastic about our activities.