Continued Education Program

Program Name Continuing Education (aka Ex-Alok)
Program Lead, Deputy Lead Tanjeem Ahsan
Nisar Ahmed
Goal Enable Students to get a completing degree and get them self sufficient and make valuable contributing member of the society and Alok Family
Description           Students from various schools that they are enrolled in now are coming to after school program to help with homework, class works. They also get valuable career guidance and other related education that gives them a window to normalcy. Keeps students out of street after school and also creates a fellow feeling for other members with whom they have spent their childhood. Some older students are able to help the younger students and thus create a chain of sustenance.
Current Impacts Students graduated from Alok School now has students who are enrolled in professional schools like Medical, Business.
Future Plans Enhance the scope to include vocational training for both Girls and Boys to allow them to earn respectable livelihood for those who are not able to go for higher education.

Our Continued Education Program provides ex-Agami students with financial, academic and mentoring support to pursue higher education after graduating from Agami schools. 126 high school students who finished their primary education from 3 Agami schools are taking part in the program.

Participating Schools

Alok Shishu Shikkhyaloy – Dhaka

PSD Primary School – Dhaka

Agamir Pathshala - Rangamati

Meet Program Participants

Mehedi Hasan is one of the top students in Modern Child Educare, a high school located in Dhaka. Last year he stood first and this year second in his class. Mehedi lives in the Pearabag Slum Area with his father, Shahid Deoan, a clerk and mother Jannatun Nesa, who is a domestic worker. They are thrilled at the success of their son. Back in 2005, they enrolled Mehedi in the nearby PSD School which provides free K-5education to the children leaving in the Pearabag Slum. After graduating from PSD in 2010, Mehedi was awarded a scholarship by Agami and is currently in Grade 8.

Morsheda Mahin is currently studying in Grade 7 in Panchomighat High School in Sonargaon.Morsheda finished Grade 5 from Alok Shishu Shikkhyaloy with GPA 5 in the nationwide PSC exam. Her academic excellence continued after she enrolled in Grade 6 in Lions Ogrogoti High School in Dhaka, where she stood second in the annual exam. But unfortunately, her father, a CNG driver, couldn't maintain the expenditure of city life and very recently moved to their village Sonargaon. He didn't want to continue her education but as part of Agami’s Continued Education Program, Morsheda is receiving both financial support and educational supervision enabling her to continue her studies in a high school in Sonargaon.

Jakirul Islam is a Grade 9 student in Gonobhabon Govt. High School in Dhaka. He completed Grades 1 – 5 from Alok Shishu Shikkhyaloy. As part of the Continued Education Program, Jakirul visits his former school Alok several days a week after completing classes at his high school. Here he receives academic support from his former teachers as well as bond with his former classmates, many of whom are part of this program. This has boosted his confidence level and he remains very optimistic about his future. His former teacher at Alok and current mentor Mizan is his role model and he wants to continue education to be an ideal teacher like Mizan.