Science Education Program : Life is Fun!

Program Name Life is Fun Science Education
Program Lead, Deputy Lead Mahjabeen Kamal
Zinnia Afrin
Goal Recent government studies have shown an overall lack of interest in science among elementary and secondary students nationwide, especially among rural and underprivileged schools due to lack of resources. LiF's aim is to use this non-traditional, experiential learning tool to help Agami funded elementary schools instill and increase their interest and knowledge in science.
Description Inspired by the concept and emphasis of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education in the US, Agami has decided to extend its effort from Math to Science initiative for the underprivileged children of Agami. The program is developed by the students of Institute of Education Research (IER) of Dhaka University. After successful launching of the initial phase of the project (LiF phase 1)in 2015 with three out of eight lesson plans, LiF has completed sessions in all Agami schools in Dhaka in 2016 with 4 lesson plans, funded mostly by Mentor Graphics Foundation. LiF has applied for Mentor Graphics Foundation grant to expand the project to atleast two rural schools in Phase III starting March 2017 with focus on taking this fun and non-traditional science learning experience to all Agami schools nationwide by 2020.
Current Impacts Currently we hire and train IER students as paid mentors to teach, interact and evaluate impact and effectiveness at the end of each session. With highly encouraging response from Agami schools in Dhaka after two years of continuous testing and evaluation of content and methodology, we have currently added 4 more interns to test the remaining lesson modules and continue sessions with mature lesson plans with new students and new schools. By making a conscious effort for continuous process improvement of the content and the structure of the sessions using the test results and feedback from the post-session surveys and questionnaires have solidified the methodology for future expansion.
Future Plans 1) To have all eight lesson modules independently evaluated in 2017.
2) To organize an annual science fair for Agami schools in Dhaka receiving Lif sessions and a few non-agami schools. This will be an event to celebrate, encourage, build awareness and measure LiF’s impact on the participating schools.
3) To develop an inexpensive science kit as a reward for each participating LiF students to perform and repeat experiments at home.

Additional Highlights: | May 2017


Our latest initiative is called “Life is Fun” – a package of science lessons for grades 3, 4 and 5. Each lesson is based on one common concept that is included in the national curriculum of Bangladesh. These are: water, air, light, heat, energy, plant and animal kingdom, pollution and the universe. Each lesson session are being designed to practically engage the children through experiments with pre-prepared apparatus, collaborative group work, puzzle solving, doing worksheets, discussions, presentations by students, watching fun videos, etc. in an environment which makes learning fun for the young children. The goal of the project is to motivate children towards learning science and link their classroom-learning with day-to-day life. It is now in the development phase.