Agami-Grameenphone Partnership: Localizing Khan Academy

The Agami-Grameenphone partnership officially started on July 1, and was announced in a media event in Dhaka on July 9.

The partnership has been in development since late 2014, when we first approached Grameenphone to explore the possibility of them providing Agami with free internet services. This would allow our volunteer translators to use the online Khan Academy translation tools without having to worry about their internet bills. Upon hearing about our rather ambitious plan to launch the Khan Academy website in Bangla, Grameenphone came on board to fully support the initiative. We drew up the project plan together over numerous conference calls, emails and face to face meetings in Dhaka.

The project officially called "Localizing Khan Academy" is now in the execution phase. A 15 (and counting) member project team is engaged in executing the project from our Dhaka office. Over the next 6 months, the team plans to translate 1.5 -2 million words and 1,000 videos from Khan Academy website. In addition to our in-house translators, several volunteers are engaged in translating. To mobilize volunteers Agami and Grameenphone are organizing Translate-a-thons in different university campuses in Bangladesh. The first Translate-a-thon took place on August 10 at the University of Asia-Pacific in Dhaka.

Any of our global volunteers can also take part in this initiative. All you need is a computer and internet access. Interested volunteers can write to us at for more information or connect with us via the Facebook page: