3rd Health Camp under Healthcare For Education Pilot

On Tuesday 6th of December 2016, Agami Education Foundation (AEF) successfully held its 3rd monthly health camp under its Healthcare For Education pilot at PSD School, Moghbazar, Dhaka. The camp covered multiple items including health check-up, nutrition and personal hygiene. 

Dr. Rashedul Islam, Dr. Nazmul Hasan and Dr. Ali Ashraf were the three doctors who worked in the camp which was attended by Ms. Nafisa Khanam and Dr. Tazkera Khanom, Executive Director and Director of Finance of Agami Education Foundation (AEF) respectively. 

Dr. Tazkera Khanom, who led the Nutrition and Personal Hygiene sections, distributed Savlon, cotton and Dettol soap among the students as part of ‘Be Clean, Be Healthy’. She explained to students how to maintain personal hygiene and use Savlon and cotton when cut injuries occurred in our houses.  Then the doctors started screening of the students. At one point Tabiba Akhter, a student of class three became unconscious. The doctors quickly diagnosed it as a case of severe acidity and treated her immediately with medicine. 

In total 30 students had their health check-up done in this health camp. The diseases that were found common in most students included common cold, abdominal pain, heart burn, fever, malnutrition etc. The students were given necessary medicine and appropriate advice for improving their heath situation. 




Author: Shibnath Sarker, Dhaka