Fourth Monthly Health Camp at PSD Pearabag School in Dhaka

It was a nice sunny chilling morning on the 16th January, 2016. Agami with its Health for Education (HfE) pilot project, started health check-up screening at PSD (Program for Sustainable Development) Pearabag School. The tentative starting time was 10:00 AM for this monthly health screening. The newly entered class-I students were the population for the purpose.

Doctors’ team included Dr. Pooja Roy and Dr. Fatima Mitul, two young bright doctors for the social good. There was a routine information form & health card for each of the students to be filled by the respective doctor who visited the student.

Total number of students was 35 in number. Among them 20 were female and 15 were male. Their personal brief histories were recorded in the health information form & health card. A routine physical examination was done.

Per the doctor's observations, most of the students were having healthy physical status. As it was in the middle of the winter season, many of them were having running nose and minor upper respiratory tract infection (RTI). Most of those students were given health education and hygiene education rather than medication. Around 2% of them were given syrup for RTI related issues.

While filling out the health cards, information could not be fully provided by the students. Most of the students were in the age group 6-9 year with average body mass index (BMI). There was no associated congenital anomaly or any infectious disease incidence among the students. The students were quarried for the routine vaccination, taking anthelmintic, daily dietary intake and their daily routine.

The health check-up was done with grace and cooperation from the school manager Mr. Shibnath Sarker. Lastly, the check-up ended with all the great hopes that the work for the social good will go on and healthy life will ensure great education for these enthusiastic little minds. 

Author: Pooja Roy, Dhaka

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