Agami Annual Membership for 2017

Dear Agami Supporter,

We thank you for being a part of Agami and your continuous support.

It is a friendly reminder to pay your 2016-2017 membership fee of US$50 before May 15, 2017 in case you have not paid already. Following highlights from the Agami Bylaws (Article II Section 1) can be noted:

  •  A voting member must pay annual dues. 
  •  Volunteers shall have no annual membership and shall have no voting rights.
  •  Volunteers may become voting members by paying annual membership fee.
  •  All voting members will constitute the General Body of Agami.

You can also view the Agami Bylaws: ttps://

Agami is scheduled to hold its Annual General Meeting in June 2017.  Please note here that the definition of membership period was defined by the Board of Directors in May 2015: "Board has decided to change the membership duration from one AGM to the next AGM (instead of calendar year). For example, anyone paid membership dues after 2014 AGM (June 2014) will not have to renew membership until after 2015 AGM."

Please pay your 2016-2017 Agami membership fee, if not paid already, either online: (under "Memberships" in the right column)

Or send your check (payable to Agami Inc.) to:  Agami Inc., P.O. Box 3178, Fremont, CA 94539, USA indicating ‘membership’ in memo.

Also, note here that Agami is a US-IRS registered 501(c) (3) tax-exempted non-profit organization.  US-IRS tax ID: 73-1683721.

Murshida Irene Chowdhury

Director of Membership, Agami Inc.
Direct: 408-747-7934  

Website: www.agami.or

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