Interview with Vice President Shahid Ahmed, Agami Inc.

In the February 2017 issue of the Agami News, a newsletter of Agami, an exclusive interview with vice president Shahid Ahmed was published by Mahir Khan, the editor of the publication and associate director of Marketing. Shahid has spent much of his Agami time thus far working with Agami Northeast Chapter (ANEC), and is very excited to increase his role within the Agami ecosystem.

Mahir Khan: What initially drew you to Agami?

Shahid Ahmed: Education for under-privileged children is a cause that anybody would feel passionate about. While growing up in Bangladesh, I had the opportunity to work in slums, poor neighborhoods and rural areas. I have seen how desperately people try to break out of the cycle of poverty. And education provides the foundation for all these efforts. That’s why my thoughts are so much aligned with the vision and mission of Agami. Besides, I had known some Agami cofounders and leaders since my school days. Their honesty, sincerity and dedication were exemplary. The leadership of Agami was definitely a big motivation for me.

MK: How would you describe the journey from spearheading ANEC’s chapter to serving as Vice President of Agami Central?

SA: I am still an active organizer of Agami in the Northeast. Agami Central leaders do a ton of work daily. They are all volunteers. They accomplish a lot every day. Still a lot more needs to be done. My role as VP is to help them whenever needed so that Agami Central Executive Committee can manage its increasingly complex work effectively.

MK: What is your vision for your position?

SA: With sixteen programs, projects and initiatives, eighteen schools across Bangladesh and more than fifty active workers and volunteers in many countries of the world - Agami is a pretty significant size organization today. To manage this, Agami Central's Executive Committee must do a lot of work every day. At the same time its leaders are also focused on preparing the organization to meet the rapid changes in technology and social dynamics. Vision 2020, Agami's goal to become a million-dollar organization by 2020, is all about this transformation process which is as critical as the organization’s operational management. The role of Vice President is to be another active driver in all these efforts.

MK: What excites you most about Agami for the next few years as you build towards Vision 2020?

SA: Today Agami stands on a solid foundation built on more than a decade of hard work and great contribution to the society. Time is changing quickly and so is the environment we live in. I believe Agami can evolve accordingly and transform itself quickly to become more dynamic and more effective in the coming years.

MK: Why do you feel donors should continue to invest in Agami?

SA: People judge small non-profits primarily by its leaders. Honesty, integrity, passion, focus and hard work – these are some key qualities people look for in leaders of non-profits. Patrons can see these very clearly in Agami leaders. Our organization is very transparent. All our activities are open and well-published. Anybody can track the progress of our programs, projects and initiatives. Anyone who evaluates these objectively, would feel confident that their contributions are being utilized properly and effectively. All of these should motivate them to continue to donate in Agami efforts.

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