Agami’s Programs, Projects, and Initiatives and Rating from a Global Survey

Agami recently went through a month-long (Jan-Feb 2017) global survey inviting 64 global leaders from different operational units of Agami.  Out of the target 64 leaders, 36 of them participated in rating 16 ongoing Agami Program, Projects, and Initiatives (PPIs) in 10 different categories – relevancy, execute-ability, infrastructure challenge, impact measure-ability, funding priority, external funding probability, donor satisfaction, scalability, project management, and overall future.

Based on this global survey among Agami stakeholders, led by Agami Inc. president Sabir Majumder, the following relative rating of the PPIs were obtained.  The launching year, Agami leads, and partners (if any) are also shown along with the popular rating.

  1.  School (program) : launched in 2003; lead – Nisar Ahmed, USA.
  2. Khan Academy Bangla (program) : launched in 2011; lead – Dilruba Chowdhury, USA; partners – GrameenPhone, Bangladesh Computer Council/ Government of Bangladesh, and Asian Development Bank.  
  3. Teachers Training (initiative) : launched in 2016; lead – Nafisa Khanam, Bangladesh; partner – Standard Chartered Bank.
  4. LiF Science Education (program) : launched in 2014; lead – Mahjabeen Kamal, Saudi Arabia; partner - Mentor Graphics. 
  5. Continued Education (program) : launched in 2012; lead – Tanjeem Ahsan, USA.
  6. Healthcare for Education (initiative) : launched in 2016; lead – Tazkera Khanom, Bangladesh.
  7. Health Education Course (initiative) : launched in 2016; lead – Shibnath Sarker, Bangladesh; partner – Chemists Without Borders. 
  8. Local Project in USA (project) : launched in 2014; lead – Mustafiz Choudhury, USA.
  9. Teachers Aids (project) : launched in 2014; lead – Dilruba Chowdhury, USA; partner – Teach for Bangladesh.
  10. Disaster Fund (initiative) : launched in 2016; lead – Nafisa Khanam, Bangladesh.
  11. Ready to Read English (initiative) : launched in 2016; lead – Sabir Majumder, USA; partner – The No Barriers Foundation.
  12. Computer Labs (initiative) : launched in 2016; lead – M. Mosihuzzaman, Bangladesh; partner – Standard Chartered Bank.
  13. National Science Debate (initiative) : launched in 2016; lead – Abdur Rahman Khan, Bangladesh.
  14. Books & Libraries (initiative) : launched in 2016; lead – M. Monowar Hossain, Bangladesh; partner – Standard Chartered Bank.
  15. Online Tutoring (initiative) : launched in 2016; lead – Ariq Chowdhury, USA; partner – Invictus Institute.
  16. Laptop from USA (initiative) : launched in 2017; lead – Sajjad Hossain, USA; partner -  Dysis. 


The PPI survey revealed some of the following critical aspects:  (a) Limitations – access to information and early-stage of many initiatives; (b) Outcomes – captured general aspirations of stakeholders, qualitative aspects, but limited in quantitative aspects; (c) Future action items – collect quantitative aspects, consolidate some of the PPIs, prioritize PPIs in light of Agami’s Vision 2020, and publish PPI profiles in Agami website.

Author: Sabir Majumder, North Carolina

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