Important of Exercise Lesson at PSD Pearabag School in Mogbazar, Dhaka

The fourth lesson was held on 12th March at PSD School at Mogbazar in Dhaka. It was on exercise. I discussed different kind of exercises. Then they had been taught about different kind of pros and cons of the different kind of exercise. After that, then they were taught about the importance of physical exercise. For example, they have been told that physical exercise is important to build strong muscles and maintain healthy body. Exercising improves health, immune system, athletic skills, healthy weight, builds stronger bones, and reduces the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Meanwhile, they were asked to write the name of different types of exercises.  They were able to write some of them. After that, they had been explained about some other examples of exercises such as walking, jogging, running, biking, jumping rope etc.

After that, I explained the Aerobic and Anaerobic exercise to them. Then I explained the benefits for both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. After that, I have explained the overall health effects explaining the effects of lowering heart diseases and diabetes, improving sleep and immune system, and control of weight. I also explained the bad effects of lack of exercises. Finally, they were explained about variation of pulse rate due to exercise.   

Author: Sharmin Momotaj, Dhaka

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