‘Importance of Washing Hands’ Lesson at PSD Pearabag School in Mogbazar, Dhaka

The fifth lesson was on ‘Importance of Washing Hands’ which was held at 3.30pm on Thursday on 23rd March, 2017 at PSD School at Mogbazar in Dhaka. I have introduced the class by an practical question that did they wash their hands or not before eating that day. 25 % students said that they washed their hands, but 75% of the present students said that they did not wash their hands before eating.


The students were asked some open question to the class to start the lesson such as:

  • Do they wash their hand before eating?
  • Why should we wash our hands?
  • Why is it important to keep our hands clean?

Then they were given some expected answer to the above questions. After that, I have given some basic idea of viruses and bacteria and how these spread the diseases. I explained about the good effects of bacteria as well. Some of them are even essential for a good health and good working of our body and especially for digestion. Again I explained why it is important to wash our hands before eating. I explained this issue with several practical examples. Finally, I have shown different steps of washing hands with some images.

Author: Sharmin Momotaj, Dhaka

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