Student Orientation Session on Khan Academy Bangla platform at Hashil School in Jamalpur

Khan Academy Bangla (KAB) implementation team conducted an intensive student orientation session at Hashil School campus in Jamalpur from 18th March 2017 to 20th March 2017. The session included ICT training for the students as well as orientation of the students with the KAB platform. A total of 180 students of grade VI divided into 6 groups (30 students per group) along with 5 mathematics teachers were provided with the orientation training, which lasted for 3 days (2 groups each day). KAB implementation team members, Marjuk Ahmed, Program Associate, Md. Rashedul Haque, Field Associate and Sougatul Quadeer, Field Associate were present there to conduct the sessions.

Prior to the orientation sessions, KAB implementation team members prepared the school’s computer lab, thus ensuring all the facilities needed for KAB implementation and student orientation. Because of the internet connectivity issues in the area, KAB team decided to work offline and Rashedul Haque set up the offline server KALite (Raspberry pi) in the computer lab. Sougatul Quadeer prepared student IDs for the KAB platform while Marjuk Ahmed had a couple of meetings with the teachers and other related staff to ensure proper environment for the training sessions.

Each training session lasted for around 3 hours, where in the first 30 minutes, a pre-test examination was taken to check students’ competency level and for baseline study of KAB school implementation. The questionnaire for the pre-test examination was prepared by KAB content team and there were six set of questionnaire for the six groups with different questions on the same topic and same level of competency.

The orientation sessions were conducted in such way that there was scope for the teachers to participate and familiarize themselves with the KAB platform for future classroom implementation. During the sessions KAB Training Manual, Teachers’ Guide, Model Guides, Lesson Plans and other relevant documents were also provided to the teachers.

Students’ participation and interest during the sessions were overwhelming, though most of the students have never used computer before and thus it was quite a challenge for the team to first ICT train the students. Once the students learnt to use the devices, they felt quite motivated by the Khan Academy’s game like features and were excited to gain “energy points” and “badges”- two of the unique features of Khan Academy.

In spite of all these positive responses, the KAB team faced some challenges regarding teachers’ accountability and access to technology. The team is now working on overcoming the challenges and is hopeful that they will be able to start classroom implementation in this school very soon.

Author: Marjuk Ahmed, Dhaka

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