Ambassador Mohammad Ziauddin praises Agami initiatives

Author: Dilruba Chowdhury, San Jose, USA

A team from Agami Southeast Chapter (ASEC) recently met with the Honorable Ambassador of Bangladesh to the United States, Mr. Mohammad Ziauddin at the Bangladesh Embassy in Washington DC. The team led by ASEC President Farzana Sultana Clara briefed Ambassador Ziauddin on various Agami initiatives including Khan Academy Bangla.

The Embassy released the following message from the Honorable Ambassador following the successful meeting: “It is admirable how a few Bangladeshis working in the United States are helping to improve the quality of education in Bangladesh by bringing international quality education to all children in Bangladesh through the non-profit organization called “Agami”.

The online education platform “Khan Academy”, founded by Salman Khan of Bangladeshi origin, has attracted English speaking learners in USA and elsewhere by presenting complex topics from Math and Science in an easy way. We hope that Agami’s initiative to localize Khan Academy tutorials in Bangla will help the children of Bangladesh to further develop their talents.

I wish success for Agami and its initiatives.”

Agami is grateful to all officials at the Embassy for their time and interest in helping the cause of promoting quality education for the underprivileged children in Bangladesh. And a big shout-out to our Southeast chapter members for their tireless efforts to engage the community.