List of Projects

Project Name Agami Student Internship
Project Lead, Deputy Lead Mahbub Anwar
Goal The objective of the project is to build awareness about Agami goals and activities among the students in USA, especially those are of Bangladesh origin. It would also provide a gateway to know about Agami in general, at the same time pursuing opportunities of hands-on involvements during internship period.
Description Agami Student Internship aims to connect High School and University students in USA with different Agami projects in Bangladesh. While projects may vary in scope and duration, usually each project will include a visit to an Agami school in Bangladesh and working with the students, teaching staff and the school community. There are special development and operational projects available for qualified college students but those usually requires commitments for few months; some of these projects can be coordinated from home and/or office without visiting Agami-sponsored schools. Agami will coordinate the relevant visits and provide guidance to design and implement the project(s). The interns are expected to bring their own ideas and skills, and work with respective Agami lead(s) to develop and execute the project(s) to fulfil certain needs of the participating schools in Bangladesh, as well as give the interns opportunities to enhance their skills and interests.
Current Impacts No short-term and/or immidate impact. Long-term impacts will be aligned with the prpgram goals.
Future Plans The internship program will be extended to the Students of Bangladesh in future.

Overview of Student Internship Program | March 2017

Student Internship Application Form


Project Name Promotion of “Inter School Science Debate Fair 2017” in partnership with Kingbodonty Media
Project Lead, Deputy Lead Abdur Rahman Khan
Goal Agami Education Foundation (AEF) is looking forward in ensuring quality education through a series of promotional science & technology based activities. Thus, AEF is going to make this endeavor with a view to amplify its brand image throughout the country, develop a professional relationship tire with other organization also ensure the AEF supported high schools participation in the competition.
Description The fifth national science debate​competition is going to be started from 9th March 2017 which is scheduled to be concluded on 20th May 2017. Primarily, 470000 participants will take part in this competition and out of them some participants will be selected for final round of debate competition. In the primary selection done, a total 1500 participants out of 520 schools of 64 districts will take part in the competition for four month. Total nine AEF funded school will take part in the competition.
Current Impacts • AEF supported high schools will get the opportunity to participate in such a learning oriented program as propriety basis. • Branding of Agami throughout the country with a minimal financial contribution. • Develop a professional relationship with relevant other organizations and media whose are working for promoting of education in this event.
Future Plans As we consider the program is as branding/marketing promotion part of Agami/AEF, so partnership continuation is important. Besides that, planning how could develop the professional relationship with other organizations and getting support from them to accelerate AEF activities.


Project Name Teachers from Teach for Bangladesh
Project Lead, Deputy Lead Dilruba Chowdhury (Sheila)
Nafisa Khanam
Goal Provide skilled teachers to Agami supported schools which lack qualified teachers.
Description Teach for Bangladesh (TFB) is a non-profit organization which has a 2 year fellowship program that recruits and trains talented University graduates, who work as full time teachers at high-need primary schools. Agami has partnered with TFB, to place these fellows as teachers in selected Agami schools in Dhaka.
Current Impacts No impact data collected.
Future Plans Continue with placement of TFB fellows in Agami schools and explore other opportunities to utilize TFB fellow and alumnis for teacher development in Agami schools.