List of Initiatives

Initiative Name Teachers' Training: Teaching Science by Hands-On Practice (Class VI-X)
Project Lead, Deputy Lead Nafisa Khanam
Sabir Majumder, Mansura Amdad
Goal After this training, teachers are able to conduct stident-oriented class following the 'Constructivism Model',conduct class engaging students in learning'Science by Doing' and conduct class accumulating 'curriculum' and 'learning outcomes' of each content.
Description 5 days training program with accomodation,Target group: Science Teachers (Class VI- X), Agami supported 10 high schools. 1st year (December'16- October'17), for 30 teachers of class VI-VIII. 2nd year (December '17 - October '18), for 24 teachers of class IX-X. For strengthening the classrooms in selected schools, AEF has provided and will provide one set of required equipment and logistics. Hope to provide more equipment in future to ensure participation of all students.
Current Impacts Nafisa Khanam, co-ordinator, Teachers' Training monitored class VI science class in Joypura SRMS School & College,Luxmipur on 10 Feb.2017. Student nos. was more than 100 in that class. The teacher conducted class by supplying equipments in 8 groups. Success rate of conducting class by Hands-On practice was about 50%- 60%. The co-ordinator had taken same class with mixing 'Demonstration' and by 'Doing' Methods for bigger sized class. She will provide class assessment report to the respective subject teacher and will share with the teachers of next batch in May,2017. The students enjoyed the class more than usual 'Lecture Method' class. Learning was shown better during evaluation.
Future Plans Co-ordinator will continue monitoring herself and with the successful trainee teachers. She will provide an assessment data sheet to all trainee teachers who will monitor all science classes of their own school. She will create a 'Master Trainer Team' from best performing Trainees to continue the training program. Agami Education Foundation will provide science equipment according to need of the classes.

Additional Highlights: | May 2017


Initiative Name Health Care For Education for the Agami supported schools
Initiative Lead, Deputy Lead Tazkera khanom
Mrs. Zeba Ibrahim, Shibnath Sarker, Nisar Ahmed
Goal Health screening of school children, maintaing health card and also giving treatment to the sick students every month providing health camp. After successful piloting in one school in 2017 would reach other 4 schools within Dhaka city by the year 2018
Description HFE includes treatment of physical and mental illness, maintaining personal hygiene for prevention of diseases and perform good nutrition for quality education.
Current Impacts After piloting from 2016 till now monthly health camp done providing treatment, supplying medicine,materials for personal hygiene and also food for nutrition.
Future Plans Would like to implement HFE in all Agami supported schools by the year 2020 to fulfil the Agami's vision.


Initiative Name Science reference books for Agami supported high schools
Initiative Lead, Deputy Lead Nafisa Khanam
Dr. M. Mosihuzzaman
Goal To make science popular, interesting, easyly understable and ensuring quality of education in Agami supported schools
Description Dr. Zeba I Seraj, Prof. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, DU and Avisor to AEF had shared a well printed colored science reference book 'Bigganer Mojar Pathshala' with Nafisa Khanam which is edited by Dr. Zeba. To make science popular and interesting and to ensure quality of education Agami Education Foundation had distributed 779 books in 10 Agami supported high schools on 29 June 2016. This science book has been written in line with the science book of class VI prescribed by NCTB. It has more colored pictures and easy words to help understand how science works around us. It will help students to learn different aspects of science in an easier way with great fun. The school authorities were distributed the books among the students and took back after completion of school year.
Current Impacts AEF conditionally had ditributed these books in the schools. The school authority took care on using these books by teachers and students. Time to time AEF comunicated with head teachers for ensuring the use of these books in class room teaching. This book was helpful for teachers too, because every chapter was written as NCTB textbook with same learning outcomes. Students as well as teachers liked these books. More 144 books were distributed for additional students admitted in class VI in 2017 of those schools.
Future Plans New printed books ‘Bigganer Mojar Pathshala’ will be distributed in all Agami supported high schools in 2020.


Initiative Name Ready to Read English
Initiative Lead, Deputy Lead Kieran Roberts
Sabir Majumder
Goal We are aiming to improve the teacher training and quality of educational provision in Agami-sponsored schools. In the case of the pilot project, this will be in Nandipara specifically. We believe this is the most effective way in ensuring our goal of improving the educational outcomes of pupils in Agami-sponsored schools.
Description This is a collaboration between Agami Inc. and The No Barriers Foundation. The project is funded on a 50:50 ratio and leaders from both organisations play a leading role in the management of the project. The No Barriers Foundation provides materials (mainly but not limited to children's books) and trains teachers involved in the project working closely with them on planning, teaching and assessment. Agami Inc. recruits local teachers and distributes the materials in Agami-sponsored schools according to suitability and need.
Current Impacts We are currently employing and training one local teacher who is also taking on a leadership role within Ready to Read English. The project is focussed on Grades 3-5 in Nandipara so the main impact is currently being made on pupils in these classes with their improved English teaching.
Future Plans To ensure our first hire, Israt, is trained in her leadership role or RtR and can take on more responsibilities further on in 2017.
To take on more recruits (both teachers and interns) beginning in Q3 2017.

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Initiative Name Online tutoring program in the Adorsho and Ganauddog Schools
Initiative Lead, Deputy Lead Kasey Beck
Ariq Chowdhury
Goal Increase the number of students in these programs, improve the quality of the teaching, expand to other schools.
Description Invictus Institute's mission is to empower youth in developing countries, through personal educational mentorships, to reach their fullest potential as bright and responsible change-agents in their communities. We do this through setting up online tutoring arrangements. Our tutors are volunteer college students who give 1-3 hours a week for these endeavors.
Current Impacts Funding level per year
- Number of students (with grade level) per year: Currently at 14
- Funding per student per year: $21.43
- When the project was launched? October 2016
- Total Number of students/ beneficiaries since the project was launched? 14 students (10 in Adorsho, 4 in Ganauddog)
Future Plans Improve session consistency and quality of current programs in Adorsho and Ganauddog Schools. Work towards longer one on one sessions with each student. Expand to other schools.


Initiative Name Disaster Fund
Initiative Lead, Deputy Lead Nafisa Khanam
Goal Ensuring students- teachers favourable teaching-learning atmosphere which is hampered by any kind of adverse disaster.
Description An accidental fire burnt down 60% of Chatpara Ideal Academy's school building including all kind of essencial logistics on July 29, 2016. Amir Rahman,chairman,CIA and one of the directors,Agami.Inc informed AEF. On 27 August, 2016 a AEF team visited CIA and handed over BDT 2 lacs on emmergency basis to recover disaster.
Current Impacts With the help of local, AEF and Wells Fargo Grant school committee quickly reconstructed the school building and purchased all kind of essencials. Now school is running under congenial educational atmosphere.
Future Plans AEF will try to support any of Agami supported schools in case of any kind of advers occurance for the sake of smooth flow of regular school