Last Session of Health Education Courses and the Certificate Ceremony

Written by:  Sharmin Momotaj, Dhaka

The last session of Health Education Courses was held on Thursday, 20th April, 2017 at PSD School. Conducted under a joint program of Chemists without Borders and Agami Education Foundation, in this lesson students were taught the importance of sleep. Sometimes they could not sleep properly or they wanted to sleep but couldn’t due to their environment. They were taught how to keep their environment sound free and suitable for sleeping. They were reminded of the importance of exercise as it helps all to sleep better. Sleep is very important for our survival. Students were taught that if they did not sleep well, they couldn’t work properly. And sleep is essential for learning too. Proper sleep helps in better learning. Finally, I reminded the students of the need to remember the lessons learnt in previous courses. Thus we concluded the last session on the importance of sleep.


The certificate distribution ceremony was held on 27th April, 2017 on Thursday. Program Director Shibnath Sarker, Executive Director Nafisa Khanam, two teachers of Pearabag PSD school named Biplobi Chakraborti and Jhorna Akhter and I, Sharmin Momotaj, were present in the ceremony. At the beginning, Mrs. Nafisa Khanam asked students some questions from the previously taught lessons. She then distributed the certificates among the students. Finally in her concluding speech, she urged the students to reflect in their daily life whatever they learnt throughout the lessons. After that I talked to the students for a while as it was my last day with them. All these children were very interested to learn new things.