Wall magazine competition in Dhaka for Agami-sponsored schools

On 3 June 2017, Agami Education Foundation successfully completed the judgment of the Wall Magazine Contest – 2017, themed on “Pahela Baishakh-1424” From a number of submissions from 10 Agami-supported schools in three groups, Zannatul Ferdous Keya, a prominent artist, selected the following schools as the winners in different groups:

  • Group-A: ( class III-IV)

1st – Alok Shishu Shikhkhyaloy

2nd – Sohag Swapnadhara Pathshala

3rd – Bangladesh Mahila Samiti Primary School

  • Group-B: (class V)

1st – Alok Shishu Shikhkhyaloy

2nd – Sohag Swapnadhara Pathshala

3rd – PSD Pearabag Primary School

  • Group-C: ( class VI-VIII)

1st – Mashila Secondary School and Shurerdhara Music School (Co-winners)

2nd – Sohag Swapnadhara Pathshala

3rd – Milon High School


The wall magazine contest was initiated as a brainchild of Agami Education Foundation’s drive to create excellence amongst its students in not only their academics but also in their quality development in co-curricular activities. In a meeting held on 11 March 2017, the initiatives to arrange a wall magazine contest were taken by the executive committee, and the Agami-supported schools were notified of this initiative from 14 March onwards, with notices in Bengali and English via numerous e-mails and phone calls.

Following the notice, ten Agami-supported schools had submitted their 13 wall magazines throughout March, April and May. While the wall magazines were asked to be sent to AEF office, they were also requested to be exhibited to the students of each of their respective schools to generate curiosity as well as to encourage the participants and others for more works of this sort in the future. Moreover, the theme Pahela Baishakh had set the tone for enjoyment and the colorful magazines conveyed the mood of festivity. Finally on 3 June AEF scheduled the judgment.

Although the contest was a great initiative, it had faced certain difficulties. Since this was the first time many of the schools even heard the term “wall magazine,” it was quite hard for them to grasp the context. Thereby, many schools had abstained from participating in the contest while others had sent magazines which could not fulfill our criteria properly (e.g.: not following the notice like putting on a picture on one side and the writing on another, total irrelevance to theme, not following the designated groups, not sending the required amount of submissions, not sending the magazines within the deadline period, school authorities’ lack of cooperation and communication with the AEF etc.)

Despite these shortcomings, the schools which had participated had made this initiative a relatively successful one, and for this they deserve our heartfelt appreciation and sincerest vote of thanks. We hope that in the future these problems will be overcome and we highly recommend the schools to conform to the instructions in the future and to constantly keep in touch with Agami for help and support.

Author: Mansura Amdad, Dhaka