Agami Board Election and Annual General Meeting (AGM) in August 2017

Agami will be holding its 2017 AGM (Annual General Meeting).

Date: August 13, 2017

Time: 2:00 – 4:00 pm PST

Location: Evergreen Library Community Room, San Jose, California, USA (here)

Remote participants: Please call in on Google Hangouts (INFO COMING SOON)


     Board member elections

     Agami overview

Agami has a 3-member Board of Directors (BoD). The current BoD members are Mahmudul Hassan, Mustafiz Choudhury, and Sophia Rahman. They have asked me to serve as Election Commissioner for the upcoming AGM. All three board positions are up for election at this AGM. As such, I am asking you, the Agami membership, to submit nominations for the board positions. Note that the board member term is normally 3 years. Board members may serve multiple consecutive terms if re-elected. The deadline for nomination is August 5, 2017.

The current president, Sabir Majumder, is also completing his term. He will share with us a 'State of the Organization' address, and lead the Agami summary review. He has led Agami for the last 3 years with unwavering conviction and commitment. As outgoing President, he will share his vision for the future of Agami.

Please note that only Agami members can vote, or be eligible for board positions. Please ensure that you are a paid member so that you have a voting say in this organization that you love and support. You can pay for your membership here. Membership info can be found on our "About" page - here.  The cutoff date to become a voting member is July 31.

We are looking forward to a productive and informative AGM.  Here are the important dates:

Jul 31 : Membership cut-off date

Aug 5 : Board member nomination deadline

Aug 10 : Election/voting deadline

Aug 13 : Annual General Meeting (pacific standard time)

            2:00 pm : Opening remarks - Babu Rahman

            2:10 pm : Board statement - Abu Hassan

            2:20 pm : President's remarks - Sabir Majumder

            2:35 pm : Summary - Financial - Simika Kabir

            2:45 pm : Summary - Projects - Nisar Ahmed

            3:00 pm : Summary - KAB - Dilruba Chowdhury

            3:15 pm : Election results announced - Babu Rahman

            3:25 pm : Q&A

Babu S. Rahman

Agami Election Commissioner – 2017



July 9, 2017