School Program

Program Name Agami School Program
Program Lead, Deputy Lead Nisar Ahmed
Mahbub Anwar
Goal Remove all impediments to ensure children are receiving quality education and have a pth forward to emancipate themselves out of poverty.
Description Funding for schools that provide basic education to marginalized children of Bangladesh. Program works with schools in remote rural and urban slum areas. Progrsm primarily provides money for educational items that directly impact children's learning.
Current Impacts Impacts education and life of thousands of children through many schools across Bangladesh. Children, who would otherwise have no means to receive education, are currently being supported by Agami funds for teching staff, uniforms, tiffin, books and supplies, etc. many of these studenst are successfully completing their education in those schools and moving forward to higher level education.
Future Plans As the program grows, Agami will get more closely involved in training teachers, providing better pedagogy, ensuring healthcare, and removing all impediments to education fro those children we support. In otherword, we would like to ensure success for each and every children we work for.

Our School Program is the core project through which we provide basic support to under-resourced schools across Bangladesh. We partner with selected schools each year, and develop plans to address the schools’ needs through financial and other support. Agami and partner schools share the goal of promoting a school environment that is welcoming and academically enriching for the students and teachers.

2016 Participating Schools

Alok Shishu Shikkhyaloy – Dhaka

PSD Primary School – Dhaka

Nandipara PSD Primary School - Dhaka

Bangladesh Mohila Samity School – Dhaka

Agamir Pathshala – Rangamati

Swapnadhara Primary School - Dhaka

Music for Development - Dhaka

FAF Multilingual Elementary School - Shafipur

Rishipara Pathsala - Narayonganj

Laxipur SB Primary School - Jhenidah

Dhaora High School – Jhenidah

Chatpara Ideal Academy - Hobiganj

Doshgram High School – Sylhet

Joypura High School – Lakshmipur

KSN Institute – Gopalganj

Nayalavanga Girls High School – Chapainawabganj

Mashilla High School - Jessore

Milon High School - Netrokona